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Air Duct Cleaning

It’s hard to imagine the modern house without a central air system. But like every other mechanical system, your air ducts need to be maintained on a regular base to prevent its’ costly repairs and to protect you and your housemates from allergies and respiratory problems. We employ different tools and techniques to purge out the debris out of your air ducts.

Dryer Vent Cleaning

More than 15,000 fires a year are sparked by clothes dryers. Most of the homeowners neglect the importance of dryer vent cleaning. As a result they not only pay more for electricity but also expose their residencies to fire hazard.  Protect your home from fire by inspecting and cleaning your dryer vent  and your dryer machine


Most of the companies offer only air duct cleaning, neglecting the importance of furnace and air conditioning unit. Clean parts of your HVAC system will not only prolong the life of your appliance, but also can decrease your utility bills by 40%. Also the heat exchange processes in your system create the perfect conditions for mold to grow, thus exposing you to allergies.



Air Duct Cleaning
$ 299
  • 1 system
  • up to 12 vents
  • $20 per addl vent


Air Duct Cleaning
$ 399
  • Complete cleaning for one system
  • Unlimited Vents
  • HVAC Unit Inspection

Dryer Vent

$ 89
  • Dryer Vent Certification
  • Repairs Not Included

Air Duct Cleaning Services:

Air duct cleaning is a good idea if you suffer from respiratory problems, such as asthma, allergies (including seasonal ones), sinus infections, emphysema, chronical bronchitis, etc. Even if you feel healthy, a preventive air duct cleaning should be done every 2-3 years, depending on complexity of your system.

duct cleaning reduce dust

Air Duct Cleaning

According to our experience, about 70% of houses in Philadelphia have never had a professional air duct cleaning before. It means, if you live in a typical row house in Philly, you breath the air contaminated with 40-50 years old dust. You still hesitate to call us?


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Your air ducts is a pretty complex system. A typical residential air duct system consists of the next components
– Supply vents. Blow air to the house.
– Return vents. Suck air back to the system
– Main ducts. All the supply vents and return vents are connected either to supply main duct or return main duct respectively.
– Blower motor. The heart of your system that pushes air to the house.
– A/C coil. The main component of your air conditioning system. Helps to cool the air down in your system.
– Gas burners/oil burners/electric burners. Help to warm the air up in your system.
– Different wires. Electric cables helping run your system.

There is the same amount of air inside a house, which circulates through the system 5-6 times in hour. Even if you open the windows to ventilate the house it does not help to get rid of old air inside your house. Having your air ducts dirty drastically affects the quality of your indoor air. A typical residential air duct system can collect a couple of pounds of dust in a year. It includes: pollen, pet dander, dead insects, rodent feces, pet dander, construction debris, mold, mildew etc. These irritants are carried all over your house every time you turn your air condition or heating system on. Having your entire HVAC system cleaned by our trained professionals will not only help eliminate the presence of these harmful contaminants in your home, but also will lower your electricity bills.

If you have never had your Ducts cleaned or if the last cleaning was performed a while ago, your system needs to be cleaned as soon as possible.

Here are the most reasons you probably need to get them cleaned as soon as possible.

– Respiratory problems
– Moving in to a new home (especially if the previous owners had animals)
– New Construction or Remodeling
– Getting new air handler (furnace)
– Paying too much for electricity bills
– Expecting a baby (clean it ASAP)​

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Dryer Vent Cleaning

Uncommon exhaust

It is common to find an exhaust vent that is not specifically for dryer venting or that has some sort of lint screen. These types of things can adversely harm your dryer venting by accumulating lint and obstructs the air flow.

Dryer vent cleaning facts

There are over 15,000 fires caused every year by dryer vents. If it takes more than one cycle to dry a regular load (no towels or bed sheets), you need to clean your dryer vent asap. Clogged dryers increase your utility bills on average by $25 per month.
To prevent fires and keep your dryer running effectively you need to clean your dryer at least every year.

clogged dryer vent cause fires

Bird and Rodent Nests in the Vent Hood

In some parts of the country, birds, rodents and insects build nests within the dryer exhaust. That’s why we recommend to use a special bird guard to prevent birds from making nest inside. Also we can apply a special solution on an exterior part of your dryer hose to prevent birds from flying inside. 

Behind the walls.

While some of dryer vents are exposed in a basement, the other are hidden behind the walls and ceilings. Usually they are pretty long and have a couple of elbows. Long duct runs with many elbows increases the rate of lint accumulation in the duct and in the dryer itself.

Clogged lint traps.

Many home owners do not clean a lint trap inside the dryer machines, causing even more lint accumulation. It can adversely affect the dryer’s performance.

accumulation in the duct and in the dryer itself.

Flex Hose Crushed or Bent

The hose behind the dryer can be crushed or kinked when the dryer is moved back, either inadvertently or by vibration. This kink or partial blockage drastically reduces the unit’s ability to efficiently vent the air.

A clean, free of lint dryer vent improves the safety and efficiency of your dryer. As the dryer vent becomes obstructed and filled with lint, drying time increases and causes the dryer itself to overheat. Likewise, this prevents the adequate removal of air and moisture from the dryer, and a typical 40 minute cycle turns into an hour and 40 minute cycle. These problems can be easily identified and eliminated by our trained professionals. We are here to help you with the most expensive to run home appliance.

HVAC Components cleaning

Furnace Cleaning

Dirt and dust are the biggest enemies for your furnace. It can waste fuel and lower efficiency. The harder your furnace works – the more you pay for electricity bills. So it is advisible that the furnace needs to be cleaned twice a year – before the heating season and after.

The regular components of your furnace are:
– Plenum chamber. The chamber where you place your filter and where a blower is,
– Blower motor. The heart of your system which pumps air to your house.
– Heating elements. Gas burners, electric heat pump, oil burners, etc.

It is proved that as little as a tenth of an inch of dust on a blower motor can reduce your furnace’s efficiency by as much as 20%. The blades on blower wheels are specially designed to push a certain amount of air and any dirt on those blades will cause the blower motor to work harder, drawing more amperage and pushing less air to keep the desired RPM. It also causes the heat exchanger to run hotter in your furnace which ultimately lower the lifespan.

Dirty filters are another problem associated with your furnace. Some people do not realize the importance of a good furnace filter. When the filter gets too dirty, it begins affecting the performance of your furnace. Unclean air is redirected to other parts of your unit because it is not able to pass through your filter. This can lead to unnecessary repairs due to build ups on different parts of your furnace. Also When air is unable to easily pass through your filter, your furnace has to work harder to provide your house with the same amount of air. As a result, your unit uses more energy and your utility bills begin to grow

Top benefits of Furnace Cleaning

  1. Greater Comfort
  2. Improved Air Quality
  3. A Reduced Need for Repairs
  4. Monthly Savings
  5. A Longer System Life

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